Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS) is a method of updating the content of a website without the help of a website designer. If you website has a content management system, it means that you will be able to update your website 24/7.

There are many different types of CMS. We offer self-editable WordPress websites.

About our WordPress websites – we use the popular WordPress to create websites for small businesses and individuals. This can be a low cost content management system if you choose one of the vast number of pre-designed WordPress themes that are available online. We can also produce bespoke wordpress themes to meet your needs. WordPress websites allow you to update text and images on your site and also to create new menu items and pages. The WordPress admin area is quite daunting on first sight, but quite intuitive once you get the hang of it. We recommend that WordPress websites are only suitable for those who are reasonably computer literate and comfortable with complicated interfaces. Read more about WordPress blogs.

Other options

Let us update your website for you
If you are concerned about your computing abilities, or simply do not have the time to make changes to your website, we recommend that you let us do your updates for you. For example, if you require regular changes, say every week, month or quarter, we would be happy to give you an estimate to cover updates for one year or on an ad hoc basis. Fees vary depending on how often you need updates and how much needs updating.


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