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One huge mistake that many new website owners make is to think that launching a website will result in an instant flow of visitors to the site. This is not the case. It can take several months for the top search engines to index your site and even then, for any key search term, your site will be competing against mature or much larger websites which are likely to be favoured by Google and get a better ranking.

It’s important to remember that large companies have huge budgets to pay teams of people working 24/7 to keep the company website top of the Google listings for certain key words.

As an artist, it’s likely that you will want to rank well for searches for your name. If you have an unusual name such as Georgina Cakebread, you will come top quite easily for a search for that name as there are unlikely to be many competing sites. If you have a common name such as John Smith, you are find it much more difficult to rank well as you will be competing against very many other websites that feature the name John Smith.

The key to getting a good ranking is to market your site. At the very least you will need to:

1. Include your domain name as a signature on all your emails
2. Include your domain name on all your promotional materials
3. Try to get other websites to include a link to your website (link building)

If you are really serious about marketing your site, you would need to consider an internet marketing campaign where you employ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists to promote your site. But this doesn’t come cheap. SEO companies usually charge a fee starting at a few hundred pounds each month to make sure your site ranks well for your chosen keywords. Employing an SEO specialist is only worthwhile if your website mission statement demands it i.e. you want a high volume of traffic and expect to make a certain number of sales each month as a result of the traffic.


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