Planning an artist’s website – objectives

Planning your website is perhaps the most important stage in the development of your website. You need to think about what you want your website to do (website objectives), identify your target audience (factors like age, gender, geographic location, computer literacy etc) and decide how much you are prepared to spend to meet your objectives. Let’s look at these in more detail.

Website objectives

To set you website objectives, you need to answer one simple question, “What do I want my website to do?” The answer to this question will give you the objectives of your website and will impact upon everything else you do. Ideally, you should list your objectives and try to summarize your website’s mission statement in simple sentence.

Example website mission statements:

‘”Provide a simple online showcase for my work to help establish my name as an artist and will get help in my marketing plans for my work.” (A simple ‘starter’ website)

‘”Provides an online showcase and selling facility to support other marketing activities.” (A larger website used to sell work and support to off-line marketing activities )

“Provides a high quality showcase that is central to all my marketing efforts which will excite and motivate visitors and encourage them to return to the site again and again. The site will achieve at least 100 unique visitors per day plus 20 return visitors. Visits to the site will result in 10 sales a day.” (A large database driven ecommerce site that is central to a marketing strategy)

As you build your site you will be tempted by shiny new widgets or flashy graphics you stumble across which can easily lead to you going off topic or creating a confused site. If you have a strong mission statement you will find it easier to maintain focus throughout the development process.

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