Setting a budget for your artist website

You need to set a budget for your website. Websites range from the very simple (a few pages with text and graphics only) to the very complex (a large database driven website with complex functionality). Every website lies somewhere on this spectrum the cost of a website is directly proportional to the complexity of your site (complexity factors include graphic design input, number of pages, number of galleries and images in your galleries, whether or not your need a selling facility, blogs, contact forms etc.)

So you need to look at your objectives and mission statement (and your target audience) and decide how much you are able to spend to achieve your objectives.

Now it may be that you have a very low budget and very big objectives. If this is the case, talk to us! We know what is achievable and what isn’t for any given budget and we may be able to suggest compromises that may not result in the website of your dreams, but will result in a site that is functional, looks good and will achieve your mission statement.

Don’t be afraid of starting small either. Many people come to us with ambitious plans for a website and are disappointed that the estimate comes in way over their budget. Or that a client insists that they need an expensive site with complex functionality, but are disappointed when the site gets few hits and does not match their expectations. Usually it is the case that the client has not thought through what they need. It is often best to test the market with a simple site and upgrade to a more sophisticated site if the market proves to be there.

Some artist’s have an impossibly low budget. Sadly, we may not be able to help. In this case we can recommend DIY website builders. There are some great ones around and they usually have fantastic support systems to help you build your website from scratch. Of course there is a downside – you need to be reasonably technically able to create your own website and it will take hours and hours of your precious time. 


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