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The Website Design Studio specialises in creating websites for authors and writers. We offer an array of solutions to suit all pockets – from small, one page sites to large, multi-page showcase sites with online selling facilities. For marketing purposes, we have set up a separate website ‘Bookwebs” to promote our web design for authors service: www.bookwebs.co.uk.

Why does an author need a website?

The web is becoming more and more significant as an information resource and communication tool. Individuals, groups and small businesses are using the net to advertise their presence to a world wide audience – and that includes authors and writers.

For an author, the main benefits of having a website are:

1. A website provides a global showcase for your book – anyone with a computer connected to the internet can find out information about your publication.
2. A website is a useful way for allowing potential buyers to read an extract or sample chapter before buying.
3. A website is a marketing tool for you as an author – this is particularly applicable to authors who have yet to be published. It provides a simple way for publishers and sponsors to find out information about you.
4. A website provides a way for potential readers to buy your book – either by email or a secure internet payments system which can take credit or debit card payments.
5. A website enhances your credibility as an author.

Template based websites for authors

One way of keeping costs down is to opt for a ‘template based’ site. Here, the layout is pre-defined – the only input that a client can have is the colours used on the site. Any existing artwork such as logos can be incorporated into these sites – and they can still look very unique – no two template based sites will look the same.

Bespoke web design for authors

Bespoke websites have a unique graphic design and functionality, tailored to meet your needs exactly. Bespoke designs include a design phase where we give you a choice of layouts. We ask for your feedback and work up one design to form a blueprint for the entire site.

How much does a website for an author cost?

The cost of a website depends on the number of pages, whether the design is based on a template or bespoke (design tailored to your specific requests/needs), and the complexity of the design. Once we have received a full brief, we can discuss options and give you an estimate..

To give you some idea of how much a website for an author can cost, here are some typical prices:

A typical five-page WordPress website, based on one of our themes, usually costs in the region of £450.

If you need a self-editable site, the extra charge is £75.

You also need to take into account on-going costs. The current charge for hosting renewal, domain renewal and full support for twelve ,months is £95 per year.

Prices can change. Please get in touch for our latest plans and prices.

Website for authors – optional extras

You can also consider many optional add-ons to your website such as statistics (details of how many visitors look at your site, where they come from, how often they visit etc.), newsletter subscription forms, contact forms, PayPal ‘Buy Now’ buttons and Content Management Systems.

Website design for authors – re-design or start from scratch?

We get calls from authors who are dissatisfied with their current site, perhaps designed by a well meaning friend or relative or simply because it is looking tired or old fashioned, to ask us if we can ‘fix’ it. We are always happy to look at any site, but in our experience, it is often more cost effect to start again from scratch.

Updating your author website

From time to time, you may want to update your author website. Updates are charged on an ad hoc basis of £60.00 per hour. So the cost depends on how much needs changing (images, text and so on). An average update usually costs about £35-£45 (depending on what needs doing of course).

Content Management Systems (CMS)

If you feel confident in your computer skills, we can link your site to a CMS where you can edit text and images yourself.

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