Web Design For Small Businesses

The Website Design Studio specialises in creating websites for small businesses of all kinds. Our client base is diverse including carpet cleaners, garden design, yoga teachers, bouncing castle businesses and jewellery makers (to name just a few).

Every business needs a website

These days, a website is absolutely essential for any business. Increasingly, people use the internet to find details of businesses offering the products and services they need. It’s highly likely that your competitors have websites and if you don’t, you are at a huge disadvantage. Some businesses need a simple ‘brochure’ site giving information on products and services and essential contact information. Other businesses need larger sites which may include online selling facilities or ordering systems.

Creating a good impression

Your website might be the first encounter a potential customer has with you or your business. It’s therefore very important that your website presents a good first impression. Think of it as a shop front. If a shop looks shabby and unwelcoming, you will be unlikely to want to go in and browse. If a shop looks smart and professional, you are much more likely to want to go in and buy. The same applies to website. A well designed website can increase your sales as customers are more likely to stay and browse your site.

Getting your business noticed on the internet

The Website Design Studio will make sure that your site is search engine friendly so that it stands the best possible chance of being found by searches on Google and other search engines. We will give you advice on which keywords you should be targeting and how to write good content that is both visitor friendly and search engine friendly. This is known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

What pages do I need for my website?

Each business is different so there’s no set formula for what pages you will need on your website. However, the following pages are a good start:

1. A home page – includes a text introduction to the website.

2. About – information about you and your business.

3. Products or Services – details of the products or services that you offer.

4. Prices – details about your fee structure.

5. Contact – perhaps one of the most important pages which includes details of how to find you.

How much does a website cost?

We can design website to suit all budgets. For example, you might be starting up a small business and need a very simple ‘starter’ site to get your business online. Or you might have an ambitious business plan which includes the need for a high quality website to promote or sell your products or services.

To give you some idea of how much a website for an author can cost, here are some typical prices:

► The starting price for a brochure website can be as low as £100 for a one page site.
► A typical five page site business site usually costs in the region of £500.

If you need a self-editable site, the extra charge is £55.

Ongoing costs

You also need to take into account on-going costs. The curent charge for hosting renewal, domain renewal and full support for twelve ,months is £95 per year.


You may also consider including any of the following extras on your musicians’ website (extra charges will apply):

► Image siders
► Photo gallery
► Newsletter sign up facility
► Blog

These prices are intended to give you road idea of our pricing. Every website is different. We never design a site without giving you a full written estimate first. The price of your site will depend on the level of graphic design needed, the functionality of your site and the number of pages.

Maintaining your website

From time to time, you may want to update your website. Updates are charged on an ad hoc basis of £39.00 per hour. So the cost depends on how much needs changing (images, text and so on).

Content Management Systems (CMS)

If you feel confident in your computer skills, we can link your site to a CMS where you can edit text and images yourself.


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