Suggested pages for a writer’s or author’s website

What pages should be included on an author’s website?

Once you have decided on your objectives, you need to plan the pages you will need to meet your objectives. Typically, a website for an author has the following pages:

1. A home page – includes a text introduction to the website.

2. About the author page – provides information about the author such as a biography and list of other publications.

3. Book page – information about the book, photo of jacket.

4. Extract page (optional) – a sample chapter from the book (can be included on the book page if preferred).

5. How to buy (optional) – details on how to buy the book – either a simple email link, a secure payments system or a link to Amazon.

6. Events (optional) – a page where you can list special events and book signings.

7. Contact page – details of how to contact the author.

8. Links page (optional) – links other websites e.g. writing groups, book clubs, magazines, publishers or other organisations relevant to the book.

9. Blog (optional) – encourage visitors to return to your site by offering a daily/weekly or monthly update of your musical activities (or anything else!).



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